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It’s too early but I laughed louder than I should have

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HI HELLO MINI PSA: please know that whether you reply in an hour or in a week or even in a month and then some every time you keep one of our threads going it makes me smile. thank you for putting a little bit of your time and energy into writing with me. it’s honestly such a pleasure to rp with you.

[[i feel like my blog is getting a little too ooc, even though most have to deal with knocks interests one way or another, im going to fix that this weekend… along with making a tag list somewhere… do i owe anyone a reply? i know for little i do but i hink that’s it?]]


[[im totally open for taking a thread or two, but there needs to be some sort of plot, knocks hasnt been to keen on just doing ‘whatever’ threads as of late]]

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Happy birthday, G1 cartoon!


* (not necessarily your KO in particular, but just in general <3)

Send me a “*” if you’d ship our characters [romantically] together.

[[dude yeah I ship smokes and knocks so much it’s not even funny, especially with a bee involved haha]]

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Send me a “*” if you’d ship our characters [romantically] together.
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"No, not from here." she said and typed in the coordinates on the little holopad from the machine. "Yousss can ussse thisss machine too." she said and grinned some then waved him over. "Takesss me home, Pandora hassss energon." she stated and then looked to him. "Issss to be coming over here pleassse alssso one might feel dissssoriented after the jump." she smirked.

”Oh so… Alright, well then lead the way. And don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” He was now about to travel and was excited to do something different, but not that excited if he was found out about leaving without permission and especially if he was caught on what he was doing.

He walked over to where she had signaled him to go and waited.

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"You've earned the right to see the universe without a gun in your  hand."

►                             he message has been sent all across
                                               C Y B E R T R O N

                             The Captain now waits for his future crew
                                to board the Lost Light and bring it life.
                   Who will join Rodimus Prime on his epic quest to find the                                                                
ĸnιgнтѕ oғ cyвerтron?                              

                                            Applications: {{OPEN}}

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